Destruction of hazardous waste
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BIOTERM Ltd. Company

Licensed activities

License Series 076 No. 00060 dated 20.01.2012. Issued by the Yaroslavl Region Department of the Federal Service for Supervision over Nature Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) for conducting activities on collecting, using, decontamination and emplacement of wastes of I – IV hazard classes.


In our work we use a unique technological complex, namely a pyrolysis plant for hazardous waste destruction. We possess a positive opinion letter of the State Environmental Expertise and has been successfully operating since 2008.

Care for environment

The utilization method is the process of thermal waste deterioration in oxygen-deficient environment at the temperature between 600°С and 800°С, and the gases emitted at burning fall into a reheat chamber and are exposed to the temperature of 2,000°С. The ash residue that remains after waste burning is practically not hazardous for the environment and the human health.

Documental support

We provide our clients with the hazardous waste disposal services on a turn-key basis. We will assist in comprehending norms of the environment protection legislation, prepare patterns of internal documents. We provide a certificate on waste destruction as the report document. Upon the owner’s request we can provide photographic coverage of the process.

Our clients