Destruction of hazardous waste
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Destruction of confidential documents

Any modern company or government organization during its activities deals with a lot of important and confidential information covering accounting registers, personal data, customer information, the information constituting bank and tax secrets, payrolls, etc.

It often happens:
  • that a whole truck with folders and binders unloads somewhere in a suburban deposit
  • that documents disappear on the way to disposal facilities
  • that your documents are accessible to unauthorized persons
  • that you cannot control where and how papers are destructed, if destructed at all
  • that information gets into the competitors’ hands
  • that the contents of your wastebaskets can be seen by someone else before it is removed for trash
  • that documents come up again after a long time and are used against you.
BIOTERM Ltd. Company deals with solving problems associated with destruction of archival documentation.