Destruction of hazardous waste
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Disposal of expired medicines

Every company operating in the industrial or production sphere faces the problem of disposal and removal of garbage and waste that appear in the course of their activities. Irrespective of the volume of the accumulated waste, they are to be removed on a regular basis and in compliance with the effective legislation. Special attention must be paid to the disposal of expired pharmaceuticals, which, if treated in a wrong way, may cause harm to the environment and people..

Removal of pharmaceuticals

The expired pharmaceuticals are considered to be one of the most specific waste categories. A mere removal to a waste deposit is not acceptable for such products. The pharmaceuticals must be removed by specialized companies that possess a relevant technical base and necessary permissions.
Hermetic packing is used for liquid pharmaceuticals.
Documentation is prepared in compliance with the regulations on destruction of medicines.

Storage of pharmaceuticals

Premises for storage of pharmaceuticals must comply with the fire safety, sanitary and epidemiologic and environment protection regulations. A separate building or an isolated room with a separate entrance is to be used for this purpose. Mixed storage of pharmaceuticals on the same shelf or the same pallet as well as storage on the floor is not allowed. The room for storage of pharmaceuticals must be dry and clean, equipped with hygrometers, thermometers, fire protection and ventilation systems, as well as with special tools for products movement.