Destruction of hazardous waste
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Transportation of hazardous waste to a disposal facility is carried out by specialized vehicles equipped to transport hazardous waste. The customer can perform the carriage, both independently and by the vehicles of BIOTERM Ltd. Company

BIOTERM Ltd. Company possesses transport, logistics and human resources necessary for timely removal of cargoes from your warehouse or production facilities and their delivery to the thermal waste destruction plant of BIOTERM Ltd. Company.

The vehicle fleet of BIOTERM Ltd. Company includes more than 10 types of vehicles and machinery, including refrigerated vans of different capacities for transportation of biological waste, MAZ garbage trucks, ZIL skip trucks, refrigerated semitrailers with the volume of 83 m3, Freightliner haulers and others. The vehicles of BIOTERM Ltd. Company comply with all the requirements for waste transportation set out in the Rules of transportation of hazardous goods, and are intended for transportation of waste of I-IV classes of hazard. When transporting waste, several factors are considered:

- waste hazard class (different transportation conditions are provided for different hazard classes);

- physical state (liquid / solid waste);

- presence and condition of tare or packing. Transportation of medical and biological waste is carried out in special containers for collection and transportation of medical waste or in sealed bags.

BIOTERM Ltd. Company also extensively cooperates with the TransContainer JSC for carriage of cargoes by rail from remote areas of the country, including the Far East.

The staff of BIOTERM Ltd. Company includes engineers and technicians with rich experience of work and highly qualified drivers who have certificates confirming their professional qualification for the right of handling the waste of the I-IV hazard classes.

Experienced logisticians of BIOTERM Ltd. Company will schedule and submit necessary vehicles for waste removal, assist in preparing shipping documents, monitor timely vehicle arrival for loading, and ensure prompt delivery of waste to the facilities of BIOTERM Ltd. Company.