Destruction of hazardous waste
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About us

BIOTERM Ltd. Company renders services on destruction of hazardous medical waste, including expired medicines. The technology of waste destruction is oriented to waste-free production. Presently, our company provides its services to over one thousand organizations and enterprises in the Moscow, Tula, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo and many other regions.

Our activities

We provide our clients with the complete cycle of hazardous waste disposal services on a turn-key basis.

  • Consulting
We will assist in comprehending the norms of the environment protection legislation, prepare patterns of internal documents.

  • Provision of packing
During our operation we provide packing to collect and store waste that complies with the Sanitary Regulations and Standards requirements, as well as other normative legal acts, at purchase prices.

  • Transportation
Our company transports hazardous waste by specially equipped vehicles, including those with refrigerators.

  • Disposal
The waste disposal process goes on at a special plant by the pyrolysis method and ensures full destruction of waste.

  • Documental support
We provide a certificate on waste destruction as the report document. Upon the owner’s request we can provide photographic coverage of the destruction process.

Our advantages

Our company possesses its own high-capacity waste destruction plant as well as a fleet of specialized vehicles and spacious secured warehouses, and that enables us to conduct our activities without involving any intermediaries.
BIOTERM Ltd. Company possesses a license for accomplishing activities with handling information classified as state secret, on the basis of license GT No. 0001102 issued by the Department of the Federal Security Service.
We cooperate with the Government of the Yaroslavl region and extensively take part in solving a row of individual ecological issues.