Destruction of hazardous waste
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Biological waste disposal

Biological waste includes 
  • animal and bird corpses, including the laboratorial ones; 
  • aborted and stillborn fetuses; 
  • forfeited veterinary items (meat, fish, other products of animal origin) that have been revealed after a veterinary and sanitary expertise at slaughterhouses, refrigerated slaughterhouses, in meat and fish processing organizations, markets, retail companies and other objects;
  • other waste appeared after processing of edible and inedible raw materials of animal origin.

The owner (manager of a farmer enterprise, an individual or part-time unit, etc., and communal facilities of local administration) takes the responsibility for transportation of biological waste for their destruction (digestion).

The expenses related to the transportation of defective and hazardous edible products, their storage, expertise, usage or destruction are to be paid by the owner of the products.

An area owner (in settlements – a communal facility) takes the responsibility for collection and destruction of the wild (stray) animals’ corpses.