Destruction of hazardous waste
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Domestic solid waste removal, installation of containers

Accumulation of large amounts of waste in a city is unavoidable. Daily, garbage of various types is accumulated in different containers in every street, and that garbage needs to be removed from the Yaroslavl city. Our company provides removal of the garbage within Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl region. During the long period of our work we have acquired invaluable experience, huge vehicle fleet, and numerous clients who are satisfied with our performance. We are not going to stop here, because the disposal of garbage in Yaroslavl needs to be accomplished daily regardless of the time of a day and the month of a year. Clean, well-attended and beautiful streets of Yaroslavl are not a dream, but the reality. We are able to change the city, to make it better, clearer and more beautiful on our own.

We can work under both long-term contracts and one-time orders and accept both cash and non-cash payments.

Our advantages:
  • garbage removal round-a-clock;
  • a full range of services on arranging collection and disposal of waste;
  • lease of containers;
  • flexible discounting system;
  • we provide cargo handling;
  • special offers for trading, building and contracting organizations;
  • our vehicle fleet complies with the EURO-3 standards.